Professional Coaching

How do you stay energised, utilise your own strength, and maintain balance and effectiveness in your work?

How do you handle success or the loss of tasks or authority, assignments or maybe even your job? 

Do you have more skills and capacity, but don’t know how to progress?

How do you handle your staff, colleagues or managers?

Would you like to further develop your talents in your work? 

Are you wondering how to handle various political, business or personal interests of yourself or those around in your capacity as an executive or administrator? 

Then Professional Coaching may be something for you. You take visible steps in a number of one-on-one coaching sessions. For you and your immediate work environment.

Free intake

You can apply for a one-hour intake interview in which we can find out if I can really help you, free of charge and obligation. We get to know each other to see if we have a rapport. There is ample opportunity to tell your story and explain why you need coaching. I help you to set tangible goals that you can use to monitor your development.

I also explain specifically how I can help you progress using insights, exercises and assignments. This outlines what you can expect from my coaching process.

If we both feel good, we can start on the process. I present a proposal stating your goals.

If desired, we also include the input from your manager, HR staff or employer in the goals of the process. In the final coaching session, we evaluate your actual development on the basis of your learning goals and examine how you can continue your positive development independently.

Individual Coaching sessions

Each individual coaching session normally lasts 1.5 hours. This allows us to really go deep and tackle your issues at the core.
The number of sessions for the majority of issues is often 6, and a maximum of 8.

The first three coaching sessions follow each other in rapid succession (every week or two weeks), so that you really make progress with what you have been given. After a verbal interim evaluation, we examine whether the desired development has come about. If we continue the process you will act increasingly on the basis of your own strength. The remaining sessions will be every 2, 3 or 4 weeks.

How do I work as a coach?

During the process we work at 3 levels, namely: 1) behaviour and skills, 2) personality/ego and 3) soul/spiritual experiences. Why? Because only working on behaviour and skills will not enable you to deal with your own foundation, which means that old (work) behaviour can reoccur easily.

1. Behaviour and skills

We map out your behaviour and choices using your practical situations and feedback from me, in my capacity as coach, and others. And the effect they have on you and your surroundings. Theoretical models and accompanying hand-outs give you more insight into your behaviour and the alternatives that are much more productive. I can also coach you in communication or management skills that support your learning goals. My extensive experience enables me to help you with practical perspectives and exercises in the fields of time management, stress management, self- management, leadership, coaching, conflict management, negotiation, presentation, job applications and selection.

2. Personality/ego

You can mow the grass (‘behaviour’), but if you don’t deal with the roots it will just come back. This is why my coaching increases your awareness of the origin and effect of your personality on your learning goals. I use the Psychology of Selves and Voice Dialogue, a method I was trained in by the founders Hal & Sidra Stone. This leads you to new self-generated choices that fundamentally stimulate and support your development. You are occasionally asked to write a short autobiography to gain even clearer insight into your ego patterns. 

3. Soul experiences

Some experiences can touch your soul deeply. For example, failure to achieve the promised promotion, demotion, loss of tasks, authorities or responsibilities, or even losing your job. There may be other personal experiences in your private life that affect your attitude at work.
Then it is essential to examine these events carefully and determine how you can handle them differently in future.

Sometimes you want more tranquillity in your soul, and I can support you in this with exercises, including visualisation and mindfulness.

Moreover, you can rediscover your passion and the meaning of what inspires you. A sequence of insights and exercises enables you to build a personal and professional vision for yourself. This gives you a compass to redirect your work and career.


I use three possible locations to arrange the intake and coaching sessions:


In the Coachhuis in The Hague (Raamweg 4 near station CS) and Amsterdam and Utrecht (depending on what is free). I reserve a room where the intake and coaching sessions take place in advance.


In the Hague, Amsterdam or Rotterdam I come to your room if you can reserve a suitable coaching room there.


You can also participate in online coaching sessions if you are too busy or I am overseas. For example, via Skype, facetime or whatsapp.


Intake interviews are free of charge, regardless of whether they lead to further coaching.

The price for a Professional Coaching session of 1.5 hours is € 250, and of 1 hour € 175 excl. 21% VAT. Most courses that I supervise consist of 6 coaching sessions, each lasting 1.5 hours. This means that the price would be € 1500 excluding 21% VAT.

Participant's experiences


It gave me more than expected because the skills and models used were applicable in practice. Martin has broad experience, a pleasant personality and an extensive toolbox of knowledge on models, approaches and interview techniques. I really don't have any points of improvement. You shine like a ‘diamond’ in many aspects. At least, those that I can see.


Martin has reconnected my head, heart and soul. This automatically resulted in me rediscovering my own strength.

I also learned to handle (emotional) manipulation, confrontation and overcome my fears. I am extremely grateful to Martin for rediscovering myself and would like everyone to have this experience.

In short: I highly recommend Martin's coaching!!!


The Skype coaching session felt as if I was sitting directly next to Martin again! This enabled me to speak openly and with trust. Very helpful coaching session with clear and practical feedback that I could apply directly at work with tangible results.


The coaching process removed certain obstructions and boosted my confidence in my own capacities. It gave me energy, where it used to drain energy. This prompted positive reactions from colleagues and clients.


Martin gives me advice on my career and life. He inspires me and provides clarity face-to-face and by telephone and Skype.


I experienced Martin as an honest and expert coach who knows how to make crystal clear analyses that are useful to P&O consultants - clear, development-focused and realistic. He is also pleasant in conversation and has a passion for his work.


Martin has a sharp eye and is able to go directly to the core. He uses his talent and experience. He offers a personal approach by sensing where you are up to and what not yet. He uses a wide variety of methods to achieve your goals.


Martin is a true and intellectual professional, who is an expert in guiding people to approach business content with authenticity. This transformation allows them to come in their own strength, resulting in an increase of confidence and a successful performance, as well as a personal value add towards a happier lifestyle.


Martin enables personal changes, by letting you self-explore your personal core and related strengths. He is able to create an environment where you can interpret your way of interacting with your environment and lets you improve yourself on achieving your (newly explored) goals using a new discovered approach.

CHAIRMAN Works Council Province of South-Holland

Martin enables personal changes, by letting you self-explore your personal core and related strengths. He is able to create an environment where you can interpret your way of interacting with your environment and lets you improve yourself on achieving your (newly explored) goals using a new discovered approach.



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