New experiences with me as coach

What an experienced coach can do for you

Want to know what coaching can mean for you? Here are some recent reviews.

“The coaching has increased my mental resilience and self-confidence, so I am felling much more assured in my new role in the organisation. I dare to expose myself vulnerable and learned how to apply this in a effective way. I feel more energetic and am more capable of setting my own limits. “The coaching supplied me with insights about my drives, my behavior and wishes for the future. Fortunately, it didn’t stop with insights only. With the practical tips I can work on myself continuously. The coaching was a perfect mix between theory and practice. Looking from a distance to yourself and consequently turn on the right switches and really doing it. 

“The coaching went beyond what I expected. I just thought to get some tips about feeling stronger. It tuned out to become a quest for self-confidence. It offered me many insights in my motivations of my behavior and choices: both aware and unaware.Martin has a sharp view and is capable to get your core very quickly and uses his talent and experience to create this. He also offers a personal approach by sensing for what things you are ready and what not and adjusts his methods to this to achieve my goals”.

“Martin can really help you further along your way and find your way to achieve your goals. He rapidly gains insight into your present situation which allows you to take action immediately. During the period of coachings my goals were carefully monitored. This not only makes it possible to adjust were necessary, but also allows you to work on your goals continuously”.  SALESMANAGER Wear2Work

“The coachings offers me new tools to be effective in my communication with my fellow men, at work and otherwise. My self-awareness has grown and with it the possibilities to manage my self. Very soon I experienced a mutual understanding. Appreciation for who I am as an individual. Not afraid to mirror my self critically. Connection in human and world view”.
CHAIRMAN Works Council Province of South-Holland

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