In-company Services

Does your organisation want to save costs by not sending people to open training courses but still want them to work more effectively? In-company training or workshops may be the solution you need.
Whether you require a 3-day or 2-day training course (2×1 day or 1×2 days), or a workshop lasting 2 to 8 hours, everything is possible.

For whom?

For HR managers/professionals, HRM department staff and other managers who want the following for the people in their organisation:

That they are:

  • More energised and stress-resistant.
  • More proactive and work more effectively by strengthening personal leadership.
  • More effective mutual coaches and provide coaching leadership.
  • Better able to handle (potential) redundancy.
  • Able to handle contradictions and conflicts more effectively.
  • Better able to manage themselves with tools for time and stress management and more.

25 years’ In-company experience

In the last 25 years I have provided a multitude of in-company training courses and workshops for a wide range of companies, with an average evaluation score of 8.5.
For example, I provided the Self-Management element of the Middle Management Course (MMC) at DSM and Sabic for 7 years. In both Dutch and English for professionals/managers overseas, from the U.S. to China.
And the in-company Personal Empowerment training course and Personal Leadership workshop for the Rabo Bank and Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment.
And the development and implementation of the New Perspective Transition Training for the government, dealing with effectively coping with (potential) redundancy and the training of internal career coaches for this purpose.
And the Work Pressure and Self-Management workshop for 30 Solicitor Generals and Secretaries in the jurisdictional region of The Public Prosecutor’s Office in the Hague. Naturally, references are available.


Depending on demand, these themes can be developed into a customised programme and implemented where your organisation needs it. I would be happy to visit you for an orientation interview. This and possibly a supplementary discussion will serve as the basis of my customised proposal. It will include the agreed goals, method and programme, so that you know what you are getting. We often start with a pilot training course to ascertain whether it really connects with the requirements. Quality assurance consists of a written evaluation at the end of each training course. We use this to generate an evaluation report that is sent to the principal for perusal.


The half-day rate (4 hours) for preparation per trainer is €550. The half-day rate for implementation per trainer is €850. Our intention is to offer you a customised training or workshop solution that is appropriate for your wishes and budget.


I provided various in-company training courses for a wide range of organisations for 19 years at Circumference, for 10 years as a freelancer of Publiek Domein and for 8 years at Boertien & Partners. You can read about clients’ experiences with me in the following paragraph.

I frequently hire in an experienced co-trainer from my network for groups larger than 6 participants. Cooperation with co-trainers from within the organisation is also an option.

Principals' experiences with me as in-company trainer and workshop supervisor

Every year, the Self-Management module was head and shoulders above every other module of others in the Middle Management Course, with an average score of 8,8.
There was a positive response to Martin's workshop on Work Pressure and Self-Management.
Actually, I think that you should first do the New Perspective training course before you take the next steps in your career. A twinkle in my eyes, relief and renewed motivation to 'go for it'.


You can call or mail me at any time at:

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