About Martin Thoolen

Self-awareness helps your life and work blossom

Helping people is my passion.
And you too, if you want. So that you can be yourself in your work and personal life.
So that your talents naturally shine.
So that you work (together) more effectively.
So that you have a satisfying life.
With heart for yourself and your surroundings.

Self-awareness helps your life and work blossom

Helping people is my passion.

And you too, if you want. So that you can be yourself in your work and personal life.

So that your talents naturally shine.
So that you work (together) more effectively.
So that you have a satisfying life.

With heart for yourself and your surroundings.

More than 25 years of professional experience and expertise

My 25 years of professional experience as an awareness coach, clinical and organisational psychologist has enabled me to help thousands of clients. Both groups and individuals, in coaching sessions, training courses, learning processes, retreats and seminars.

For managers, employees and professionals in business and commerce, various banks, provincial and municipal councils, care institutes, consulting agencies and much more. This is what they say:

Many thanks for your valuable support in our team coaching process. You REALLY makes something happen, and that has not been possible for years. So -and many others - are really happy with that.

Martin gives me advice on my career and life. He inspires me and provides clarity face-to-face and by telephone and Skype.

I experienced Martin as an honest and expert coach who knows how to make crystal clear analyses that are useful to P&O consultants - clear, development-focused and realistic. He is also pleasant in conversation and has a passion for his work.

Martin is a true and intellectual professional, who is an expert in guiding people to approach business content with authenticity. This transformation allows them to come in their own strength, resulting in an increase of confidence and a successful performance, as well as a personal value add towards a happier lifestyle.

Martin enables personal changes, by letting you self-explore your personal core and related strengths. He is able to create an environment where you can interpret your way of interacting with your environment and lets you improve yourself on achieving your (newly explored) goals using a new discovered approach.


Why I can really help you

Helping, coaching and training people has been in my blood from an early age.

My exploration of how I can best help people is ongoing. I use new sources from the psychology sector and the perspectives and wisdom of the ancient peoples of the earth. But always translated into insights and concrete tips that you can really get to grips with.

Even though I am your guide, I have blind spots and am never unapproachable.

Read all the evaluations of the last 25 years and you will see that my clients and principals frequently give me a good to excellent score.

What other people say about me

  • Drive to communicate/teach
  • Strength from love
  • Seriously involved
  • Inner tranquillity
  • Uninhibited passion
  • Broad experience
  • Deep and practical
  • Magic moments

Vision and mission
Vision – Awareness at Work

If you are open to self-reflection and prepared to touch your core an entirely new world can come into being within and around you. A world in which you function effectively, with equilibrium and satisfaction: Awareness at Work.
I believe that if every one of us accepts support in this from time to time we create a world in which we are effective and live with pleasure and understanding. And I enjoy contributing to this world.

There is so much hidden potential in all of us.
Everyone can work and live effectively, with passion and happiness.
You too!

How? By becoming aware of yourself.

But what self are we talking about?

Over the years I have discovered that you can look from different perspectives, as is described in the book that I wrote with Wendy Hobbelink, Wealth for free! It provides concrete examples of how your thoughts, feelings, behaviour and experiences and all your choices instantly change when you live and work based on your ego, soul or spirit.
Whether you are an employee, manager, employer, professional. civil servant or business, political or spiritual leader. Or partner, father, mother, child, family member, fellow countryman or fellow human being.

Hocus pocus? No, because the book shows how you can apply this awareness to your daily work and life. With practical exercises, practical cases and exercises.

Wealth for free!

An inspiring guide for new awareness at work. The book is available free of charge when participating in a coaching, team coaching, retreat or seminar.


My mission is to help you become more self-aware. To make you more aware of your behaviour, your choices and the impact they have on your work and life. But also aware of the strengths and experiences you hold within you that determine your current behaviour and choices. So that you arrive at new choices that give you more peace, balance, satisfaction, talent development and effectiveness at a fundamental level.

Study and postdoctoral training

In 1990, I graduated in clinical employment and organisational psychology at Utrecht University and earned my Master’s degree. I then followed a multitude of postdoctoral training courses and learned a range of coaching methods, including Sensory awareness/mindfulness and the Voice Dialogue (& The Psychology of Selves) international training course given by the founders Hal & Sidra Stone in the USA.

Work experience

I worked as a trainer/coach at Boertien & Partners from 1990 to 1998, and trained participants from a wide range of sectors during this period. Moreover, I developed the Personal Strength and Individual Coaching training courses while I was there. At that time, I was also registered as a trainer educated in Behavioural Science at the Nederlands Intituut voor Psychologen (Dutch Association of Psychologists).I also worked as a Freelance Trainer for Public Domain in the public sector for 10 years.

From 1999 to 2019 I worked as co-founder of the Circumference agency. This is where I developed and implemented the following:

  • 33 Personal Empowerment curricula
  • 8 Inner Nature Week-Retreats abroad
  • 4 years of international training Self-management for DSM and 7 years national
  • Diverse Team Coaching processes for departments and teams
  • Transition training New Perspective for (potential) job loss and training coaches/trainers in this field for the Dutch Government
  • Hundreds of individual and executive coaching sessions
  • I co-wrote the book ‘Wealth for free! An inspiring guide for new awareness at work.

This wealth of experience allows me to help with an extremely wide range of professional and personal issues. Whether they concern leadership or cooperation, stress or time management, reintegration or your work/personal life balance. Conflict-management, career choice, relationships and more.


In 1995, I was registered as a trainer educated in Behavioural Science, and in 2009 as a Psychologist Trainer at the Nederlands Instituut van Psychologen.
In 2013, I was registered as a Registered Psychologist NIP/Arbeid & Organisatie (employment and organisation) at the Nederlands Intituut van Psychologen.
In 2011, I registered as a Registered EuroPsy Psychologist at the European Federation of Psychologists’ Association (EFPA). I am affiliated with NIP, EuroPsy (EPFA), Coachfinder and Coachhouse.



What inspires me are the cosmic mirrors of self-reflection that life and work give me every day. If you look carefully, you can learn and grow every day in how you handle other people and situations. What inspires me is to use other ways of thinking, besides existing psychology, that contribute to natural growth and balance, wisdom and satisfaction. A great many indigenous cultures throughout the world, some of which I have visited, and various movements relating to spirituality are long-standing sources of inspiration for me.

I also gain inspiration from being in nature, which can teach us so much and keep us healthy and in balance just as long as you look carefully. And I look at birds, especially the eagle. I have had a connection with them since childhood, and you can see two eagles in my signature, which I created when I was 14. It later turned out to be my birth sign in the Mayan calendar. Moreover, for me the eagle is a symbol of transformation, vision, leadership and a clear mind. This is what you see in my logo and what I can bring you.

And, naturally, music. Because music connects. I am passionate about music and play in various bands, including Yesshows and Genesis Project, the Dutch YES and Genesis tribute bands.

Would you like to be inspired?

I enjoy sharing personal and professional experiences and insights of my clients and myself in the blogs, articles, my book as co-author and more, which you can find here on this inspiration page.