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Martin Thoolen – Awareness at Work

Inspiring and Facilitating Personal or Collective Leadership of people, teams and organizations is my true passion. Whether you are working as a leader, director, manager, professional, employee, or entrepeneur or just as as private person. I specialized in this field, and now have over more than 30 years of professional experience. This means that I can really help you, your team or organization with many issues you might have.

I do this by developing and executing individual coachings, teamcoachings, training courses, in-companytrainings, leadership development, organization development, seminars, consultancy, public speakings or retreats.

As an awareness coach and clinical and organizational psychologist, I expand self-awareness. Yourself, your team or organization receive profound and practical insights and exercises, who directly leads to more positivity and an increased effectiveness: The profit of Awareness at work.

My in-depth, process-focussed and practical result-oriented approach rapidly produces fundamental results. How wonderful is it to see potential come to light and talents really shine. A true transformation, like an eagle spreading its wings and taking you higher, to a place with more clarity, overview and strength.

Any doubts? Experience it yourself. You are very welcome for a free orientation.


Professional services

Find balance and effectiveness (back) at work.

Improve cooperation and team spirit in your team.

Custom tailored for your organization.

Inspiring seminars or talks for new insights and strength.

Personal services

Guidance in life choices and your personal development.

Inspiring talks and retreats for new insights and power.

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