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Martin Thoolen - Awareness at Work

Coaching and Team Coaching are my passions. I specialised in this field, and now have over more than 25 years of professional experience. This means that I can really help you with just about any issue that you may have in your personal or work life.

As an awareness coach and clinical and organizational psychologist, I expand your self-awareness. You discover new strengths that enable you to be yourself and be more effective in all your business and private relationships. Awareness at work.

My in-depth, process-focussed and practical result-oriented approach rapidly produces fundamental results. How wonderful is it to see your talents really shine.

A true transformation, like an eagle spreading its wings and taking you higher, to a place with more clarity, overview and strength.

Hocus Pocus? Experience it yourself. You are very welcome.

Professional services

Find balance and effectiveness (back) at work.

Improve cooperation and team spirit in your team.

Inspiring seminars or talks for new insights and strength.

Personal services

Guidance in life choices and your personal development.

Inspiring talks and retreats for new insights and power.

The latest news items

2020: A promising new year

2020: A PROMISING NEW YEAR According to some natural-cycle-specialists we are amidst an intense time of transition. Everything that was kept secret or hidden, will eventually come to light this time. Therefore many of us experience this time as intense, exhausting and emotional. Relationships in work as well as in your private life are under…

Workshop: Workpressure & Selfmanagement

WORKSHOP: WORK PRESSURE & SELFMANAGEMENT On the 15th of November 2019 I have facilitated a workshop about work pressure and selfmanagement for the Public Prosecuter’s Office from The Hague. After a creative day and a contribution of a judge/counselor I was asked to facilitate about 30 Lawyer-Generals and Secretaries. Work pressure is…

Active Teamcoachings

After a teamcoaching for 25 employers, a teamcoaching has also been round off for the financial department for the Transport Regio in Amsterdam. Here are some reviews: “I have experienced these team sessions as very positive. I find Martin truly a good coach who really senses of what’s going on in our team. Thank you…